Bowen Therapy  


Emotional Freedom Technique
Reiki / Integrative Chakra Therapy


Intuitive Coaching




Bowen Treatment - Initial                                     $75


Bowen Treatment - Regular                                 $65


Bowen Treatment - Child/Infant – Initial            $35

             (30-45 mins.)

Bowen Treatment - Child                                      $25


Intuitive Coaching                                                  $75


Reiki / Integrative Chakra Therapy                      $65


Emotional Freedom Technique                            $75

             (60 mins.)



Bowen for me was a painless process - massage is uncomfortable for me.  It didn't take long and when the treatment was finished I was able to touch my toes for the first time in my life.  Thank you.

C.D.  age 56

Sara is a gentle practitioner that is committed to a persons whole wellbeing.  Good for people who need support and understanding.

Jenn B

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